Photo Quality
Images on
Real Aluminum.

What is AlumaMark?

Introduced in 2001, AlumaMark® is the only CO2 laser markable material that produces photo-quality images on real metal without etching, engraving, or adding chemicals.

AlumaMark Applications

AlumaMark is specialized aluminum that may be imaged or marked using a
CO2 laser. Unique among laserable substrates, AlumaMark allows one to
create black, positive marks on silver, gold, bronze, brass, or colored
backgrounds. Designed so that it may be marked using low power settings,
AlumaMark is used to produce Nameplates, Name Badges, Plaque and
Trophy Plates, Labels, Interior Signage, and more.


Because AlumaMark is not etched or engraved, but rather marked through a
thermal reaction with the heat of a laser, it is possible to create lighter marks
and halftone shades. This makes AlumaMark ideal for creating photograph
and detailed artwork reproductions.

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Why Use AlumaMark?

Real Metal Real Metal:

AlumaMark is not another painted metal or metalized plastic. Real metal means higher perceived value and higher profits.
Photographic Detail Photographic Detail:

Because AlumaMark uses a thermal marking process rather than an engraving or cutting action, it allows for very high detail and even shades of grey and brown to produce the most striking photo & graphic reproductions! For tips on how to get the best halftone image results, download our How to Create Halftones Guide (1328 downloads) .
One-Step Processing One-Step Processing:

Unlike other metal marking methods, AlumaMark comes ready to mark – no sprays, tapes, or additional processing required, saving you time and ensuring consistent results for every item you make. Plus, AlumaMark can be marked using any CO2 laser, including those from the companies listed below.
Recommended Lasers for Processing

When To Use AlumaMark?

The proprietary technology allows you to create a high-quality, high-value product that differentiates your products from the competition. Add AlumaMark to your portfolio to respond quickly to customized and one-of-a-kind applications that are difficult and expensive to produce using alternate methods and materials.


Wayfinding SignageMuseum and Display SignageDonor PlaquesBarcode and Property Tags

Plaque and AwardName BadgesCorporate AwardsInterior Architectural Signage

How to Get AlumaMark?

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